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Family Law Mediation Process:


  • Our unique mediation process provides a forum for communication and problem solving. Typically, the process takes between two and seven hours, depending on the issues and the personalities involved.

  • Many are mediated in a single two or three-hour session. Sometimes the process occurs over time, in two or more face-to-face sessions, which are combined with individual telephone or email consultation.

  • Mediation is a time for negotiation and opening up avenues of communication.

  • Following each mediation session you will receive a draft of your customized Marital Settlement Agreement. This agreement will cover future parenting plans and how finances (and child support) will be handled during and after the divorce.

  • Once the Marital Settlement Agreement is complete you will come back to our office to read and sign it.

  • We can then fill-in the state approved forms necessary for filing an uncontested divorce. Or you can get the forms from the court and fill them in on your own.


If you need a QDRO (to divide a pension), a deed, or a revision to your estate plan we can refer you to other legal resources. Ultimately, the agreement and forms are filed with the Clerk of the Court and your case can be set for a final hearing as an uncontested dissolution of marriage.

Our main office is in West Palm Beach, Florida but we serve clients throughout Florida.

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