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Why Mediation?

Mediation has become preferable for many people who are in disputes rather than incurring the expense of a court proceeding. Strategic Mediation LLC has assembled a first-class team of mediators to help individuals solve their differences in a way that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Mediation empowers parties to devise agreements that meet their specific needs and thus produces stable agreements that are more likely to inspire long-term compliance by the parties.

The Mediation Process

Step 1

Introduction of the mediators and parties.

Step 2

Assist parties in defining their issues, setting an agenda, and indentify their global needs.

Step 3

Allow parties to generate options for settlement.

Step 4

Assist parties in assessing the options for settlement.

Step 5

Facilitate final negotiations.

If an agreement has been reached, the mediator may put its main provisions in writing. The mediator may ask each side to sign the written summary of agreement or suggest they take it to lawyers for review.If the parties want to, they can write up and sign a legally binding contract. If no agreement was reached, the mediator will review whatever progress has been made and advise the parties of their options, such as meeting again later, going to arbitration, seeking legal advice or proceeding to court.

Step 6

How does Mediation benefit me as the client?

  • You don't have to spend future time still dealing with the same problem.

  • You are to maintain your privacy, not having your dispute displayed in the public eye.

  • It prevents harsh judgement from outsiders.

  • Freedom to move on with your life after the mediation.

  • You can be treated fairly and equitably or fair.

  • You are able to spend the money you will save on more important business activities.

  • Less expensive than going to trial

  • Settlements usually are much quicker than waiting for a court date.

  • Parties involved in mediation are generally more satisfied with a result they have agreed upon rather than a third party making the decisions for them.

  • Compliance is generally good when the parties involved have agreed on a satisfactory settlement.

  • People who negotiate their own settlement tend to feel more powerful due to the influence they have in reaching an agreement.

Call Strategic Mediation LLC today and experience the satisfaction of resolving a dispute through a mediation!

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